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Regain control over your code - it's yours

As we have started using more and more complex and comfortable frameworks, we started to lose control over our own work, our source code. I find myself more often than I want to scratch my head about an issue outside of my code – just like the hundreds of others on Stackoverflow, trying to figure out what went wrong with someone else’s code. It’s not acceptable that I’m wasting my time trying to correct something I don’t even have access to. A usual web framework is enormous and referenced by binaries only or even worse, the binding to some random libraries happens at runtime and I have no chance understanding what’s going on. As a weekend project, I tried something very different: from the ground up. I threw away all the magical web frameworks I was working with (like ASP.NET MVC or Spring MVC) and started with the very things I needed. I decided to embed the HTTP server into my application as relying on magical configurations of Tomcat or IIS was way too troublesome. I’ll