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Building a hackintosh - Intel 9600kf, Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro, Radeon RX590

Picking the most compatible hardware is essential for a Hackintosh, so I went with an Intel 9600kf CPU, a Gigabyte Aorus Z390 PRO motherboard, and a Radeon RX590 graphics card, and a 970 Evo Plus SSD. The onboard Intel ethernet works with a custom driver (kext), and WiFi and Bluetooth work with an extra Fenvi T919 card installed. Steps - high level Download Catalina Installer from MacOS store on any real Mac Create a USB installer of Catalina (you need a 16Gb or larger USB drive for Catalina) Find the custom drivers you need (the kexts) Change BIOS settings on the new hardware Patch the USB installer with Clover so it can boot on a non-Mac hardware Install it on the new hardware Install Clover on the new hardware so it can boot Fix potential USB issues by disabling some of the unused USB ports using a custom generated kext from USBMap   Steps - details Read the Vanilla Guide before starting . It's not too long, but you need to understand every step. Make