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Generating APA 6 formatting and references with LaTeX and BibLaTeX

What is LaTeX It's a toolset that is able to transform the documents written in TeX language into something beautifully rendered, like a PDF file, requiring almost no effort for formatting. It was invented to counteract the problem of different machines displaying files differently, especially things that are hard to format, like equations, tables, and so on. The steps typically look like this: +----------------+ +------------------+ | Reference Mgr. +------> Biblatex .bib +--------+ +----------------+ +------------------+ +v-------------+ +-----------+ | latexmk +----> .pdf | +----------------+ +------------------+ +^-------------+ +-----------+ | Text editor +------> LaTeX .tex +--------+ +----------------+ +------------------+ Automate referencing and formatting with LaTeX for psychology papers Psychology papers are mostly text heavy with some