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ESP32 - send a push notification from the Arduino ESP32 device to your phone

Sending a push notification to your phone from an event from an ESP32 is simple. What you'll need (if you are using a Mac for development): Arduino IDE Arduino for ESP32 Serial port simulator for ESP32 to upload your code to the board Wifi network IFTTT account IFTTT app on your phone Wifi network that your ESP32 board can access Architecture Create an IFTTT applet This should read something like this: If Maker Event "notification", then Send a notification from the IFTTT app Change the notification template Go to the settings of your new IFTTT applet and change the template to include "Value1", like this: Get your Webhook endpoint in IFTTT On your applet, click the triangle looking thing (webhook), then Settings, or simply go to this URL   Visit the private URL in your browser, replace the trigger name with "notification", so it reads like ...trigger/notification/ with/... and in the Value1 field type in a