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Apple Swift language - crash course & language reference

Apple recognised that Objective-C is not only not modern but very much not appealing to developers who are used to modern languages. As this can be a barrier to entry it was the right choice to introduce a new language called Swift. While the language is similar to most modern languages, it has its own quirks. On the one hand it's somewhat debatable why did Apple invent a brand new language instead of using another existing one, like Google did with Java for Android, on the other hand Swift is actually a well thought and fun to use language. Unlike with Google's own Go, I did not miss anything from the language as I was building my app with it. However, it's worth to note that unlike Google's Go, it's not just a language with a compiler, it's a fully supported platform: every OSX and iOS API can be called using Swift, XCode fully supports Swift (eg.: code completion), and most of online Apple Developer documentation is translated to show both Objective-C an