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Fusion 360 - part list dimensions, counts, and total amounts (lengths)

  A requirement that comes up often, especially in woodworking, is to be able to list out all materials used in bodies and components - dimensions, counts of each cut, and total lengths of materials used. There is a way to create a separate component from each body and manually add a description that will appear in a part list on a drawing, but it's unnecessarily labour intensive. Automated parts-list addon Fusion 360 provides a  Python API   that enables direct access to the objects in a design, so I created a simple Fusion 360 script that can be used as an addon or run directly to display to cuts required for the design and the total amount of length used by each material type. To run directly, download the script from GitHub , place it anywhere. Then in Fusion 360 click "View" > "Show Text Commands"; in the commands window on the bottom, change from "Txt" to "Py", and run the following command: import neu_dev; neu_dev.run_script("