How to deploy an app to iTunes Store - for iPhone and iPad

I don't publish too many iOS apps so by the time I have to distribute a new one I've already forgotten what the exact steps were. Unfortunately the Android Store (Play) and iTunes store uses quite a different approach, so this is partly a note to self how to do it next time:

  1. Create your app in iTunes Connect, add description and  images. Status should be Waiting for Upload.
  2. Create a new Provisioning Profile for Distribution, download and import into iTunes (just click it)
    /note: you already had to have a provisioning profile for development but now you need an another one for publishing the app./
  3. In Xcode project settings (Target, Build Settings), search for "code signing" and set the all signing to your new profile, the distribution profile.
    /note: an app that is signed for distribution cannot be run on emulator and vice versa./
  4. Chose Product/Archive, which will build your app distribution package
  5. Open Organizer (Window/Organizer), and click Validate on your app - if it complains about something (like missing store images), fix them.
  6. If validation is successful, click Distribute which will upload the app to the store. After this, status should be Waiting for Review (which can take 6-10 days + fixing).

That's it!


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