Hosted Git (GitLab) in 5 minutes on Azure Virtual Machine

Finally Microsoft realized they are not the only software vendors out there so they started to support other suppliers on their cloud platform, Windows Azure. Apart from the stock images from Microsoft, BitNami publishes their own high quality virtual machines as well – mostly based on some kind of Linux system.

One of their images is a completely set up and ready to use Git source control solution using GitLab. This could really save a lot of time for us as the installation guide seems to be a little longer than anyone would prefer spending on setting up Git.

To install the image simply Browse VM Depot, select the GitLab image and create a new virtual machine from it. Microsoft went so far with supporting Linux systems that we can even enter our own username and password for the box during setup, no need to use any default logins on the fresh machine.

GitLab setup isn’t particularly resource hungry, so we are perfect fine with the extra small (A0) instance to host our git/wiki/bug tracking/code review solution. The whole setup takes around 15 minutes, which is mostly just automated - we don’t need to spend more than couple of minutes of setting up the image. The monthly cost would be around $20 for the XS instance which is pretty cheap for an on-demand solution. However, if we need a build server as well, probably a beefier machine would be more suitable.


  1. Love the post but I'm not able to log into my site using the username and password I set in Azure.

    1) I didn't include an SSH key, do I need one?

    2) Is there a default password and admin?



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